My Plan B Handbook

The “My Plan B Handbook” was written as a result of my own experience with sudden loss.  I realized my husband and I had filed in our brains the necessary day-to-day information such as pass codes, financial information, final wishes and more but we hadn’t recorded and stored anything in one place. When I suddenly found myself as a single parent, I realized no one else had  access to this information. I saw a need to put my important information in writing and keep in a central location for others to use right away in the case of my unexpected death.

Who would know all the details of my life in case something happened to me? How would they understand what needed to be done and pick up the pieces with as little stress as possible?

I learned early on in this experience that many people have not started down the path of preparedness and discussion. My sudden loss was a wake-up call to those around me. I was fortunate because we had a plan. However, even with a plan, it took months of effort to handle all that was required, and I found it overwhelming. Despite our plans, the piece I didn’t have was a central location for the information.

Everyone needs a personal ‘Plan B’.  The “My Plan B Handbook” will get you started.  It will provide a roadmap for putting together a back- up plan for researching and purchasing life insurance, gathering medical and financial records, and arranging for guardianship. This book breaks down each step so people feel empowered, not overwhelmed.  With this handbook, I hope to prompt discussions that are necessary, but not always easy. It is my wish for you to have a plan, and then to live fully in every moment.

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