My story could be anyone’s story and is the story of many people I have met through this experience. I encourage you to read the stories of previous Embrace Life honorees, which you’ll find on the “Media”.  This will give you a better insight into the lives of many young, vibrant individuals who also experienced sudden and unexpected losses of loved ones.

When you remove the stress caused by not being prepared financially and not having a ”Plan B”  for the unexpected, you remove the weight that causes you to feel like you are drowning. Imagine the feeling of trying to walk through deep fine sand (grief) which comes up to your knees. Now imagine trying to walk through that same deep, fine sand but now it is well above your knees (financial stress) and you no longer feel as if you can even move through the sand. The difference between someone with a plan and someone unprepared is this: When you have a plan and life insurance, the partner that is left behind is still able to make choices. You still control financial decisions for you and your family. This means a great deal when you feel like your control and hope are taken away in a split second.

A roadmap for the future…

The surviving partner needs a road map. The sudden death of a partner is like losing control of your car and plummeting off the side of a cliff. You have no way to comprehend what just happened, no idea how or where to get back on the road. Having a “Plan B” in place provides an invaluable starting point, should your family be blindsided by sudden tragedy.

Your children…

Imagine your children’s grief if they lose everything they know because of the loss of a parent(s). In addition to the sorrow of losing a parent(s), children may be forced to move and leave their schools, friends, and home. They are left with the insecurity and stress of not knowing what the future holds. Children need stability, especially during a time of loss. They need to know that there is a plan. A plan provides some stability in a devastating time.

One step at a time…

The emotional part of your journey will be different when you remove the financial stress and instead focus on healing yourself and your family. The grieving process requires all your strength, putting one foot in front of the other and making it through one more day. Eventually, it will get easier and your burden will lessen.

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