How Insured Are You? Unexpected Expenses in the Event of Death:

• Medical/Hospital
• Funeral
• Leave of absence from work
• Psychological for yourself, children, or both
• Health care
• Child care

Sudden Child Care Needs:

If your spouse that died was a stay at home parent, you will need to pay out-of-pocket child care. Do you know what the average cost is?

If you are the surviving spouse and full-time childcare, you will need help (regular sitter, nanny, childcare).

Perhaps you will have to go back to work?

Did you know for women who have left the job force, for every year away from your career it will take an average 4-5 years to earn what you were originally making.

Insurance Worksheet:


Monthly payments

•debt payments eg. credit cards
•car payments
•outstanding loans
•child care
•school tuition
•health care premiums

Quarterly Payments

•Car Insurance(s)
•Property Taxes
•Mortgage Insurance

Payoff Amounts


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